3726 W Allen Rd.
Howell, MI 48855
On this page you will find pictures and links to machines we currently have in process as well as ones we have sold in the past.  This is a good way to get an understanding of our capabilities and specialties.  Our machines in progress will eventually be sold through Ebay, this site, or referrals.  If you are interested in any of our machines in progress, please contact us.
5x8 CNC Plasma Cutter
Bridgeport CNC Mills (4 in progress)
Porter Pattern Mill/Router
Bridgeport R2E3 CNC Milling Machine
Amistar PLACEPRO 5630 CNC Plasma Cutter
Milltronics Partner III CNC Mill
McLean/Hardinge CNC Pneumatic Secondary Operation Lathe
Bridgeport Boss CNC Mill
Spadix CNC Plasma Table
Milltronics Partner V Milling Machine
Bridgeport Boss Retrofit Control
View 1220 High Precision Mill and Router
Central Machinery Lathe Retrofit
Hardinge DV-59 CNC Lathe