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In addition to the items for sale on our AUCTIONS page, and the machines in progress on our MACHINES page we maintain a stocking inventory of our C3 CAD-CAM-CNC control computer and BobCAD-CAM software for direct purchase.
C3 CAD-CAM-CNC Computer System
The C3 CAD-CAM-CNC computer system is a stand-alone version of the design and control system we use on the machines we build.  In a simple, inexpensive, and reliable package you get complete design (cad), g-code generation (cam), and machine control (cnc).  Simply attach the monitor, keyboard, and mouse of your choice and press the ON button.  The machine boots in seconds from a solid-state hard drive to the machine control program.  You can generate your own 2D or 3D designs, create the g-code, and visually verify the cut with the built-in software, or you can transfer your own g-code files from another computer or program with a USB flash drive.  The enclosure is large enough to build your entire system in (add your own stepper or servo drives and power supply), or you can mount the motherboard and pc power supply in your own custom enclosure. 

Full software manuals will be provided electronically with your purchase and you can download our detailed User Guide
here(7mb file).

Our low price is $279 plus $40 for insured UPS shipping in the Continental United States.
For a limited time if you purchase a C3 system from us and buy any of our BobCAD-CAM systems within 60 days we will refund 100% of your purchase price (shipping cost excluded)- making your purchase of this system totally FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobCAD-CAM V23 PRO Mill, Lathe, BobART CAD-CAM Software System
BobCAD-CAM V23 is a leading CAD-CAM program for design and machine code generation.  In this special package we have combined the latest and best PRO versions of the Mill, Lathe, and BobART programs at a price we believe is the lowest you will find anywhere!  The Mill system provides full 2D and 3D design tools and one of the easiest to use, full-featured CAM programs available today.  The Lathe system provides for complete turning design and turning CAM functions.  BobART allows you turn digital pictures into CAD models (vectorize) for design and embossing. 

The entire software package comes on CD-ROM with a single USB security key that lets you install the software on multiple computers in your shop.  Several training videos are included to help you get started and 45 days of unlimited technical support is included.  You can learn more about BobCAD-CAM V23 and download free demos
here. If you are interested in purchasing BobCAD-CAM V23 please contact us.
BobCAD-CAM BobNEST V21 is a complete CAD-CAM and Nesting program for design and machine code generation and optimization of parts within a single sheet.  If you are using a router, laser cutter, plasma cutter, or waterjet machine to cut out multiples of the same part from a single sheet you need this software.  Priced less than our V23 system this is an ideal package for anyone who needs the special function of nesting.  With BobNEST you identify the parts you want to cut, define the size of the sheet you are using and the minimum spacing between parts and BobNEST will lay out the parts in the most efficient way possible.  This even includes nesting small parts within the cutouts in larger parts!

The entire software package comes on CD-ROM and 45 days of unlimited technical support is included.  You can learn more about BobCAD-CAM BobNEST V21 and download free demos
here. If you are interested in purchasing V21, please contact us.